Monday, March 29, 2010

Focus on Europe

There's an amazing array of travel options to help you experience Europe your way. These  options include:

Coach Tours

The impressions that many still have of coach touring ("if it's Tuesday, this must be Rome!") no long hold true. Yes, multi city, multi country tours still exist, but now you can chose regional discovery tours, where you visit one country in depth, train tours and special interest tours.

River Cruising

Cruise along the great rivers of Europe in luxury! The ships dock in the heart of the city, cutting down your travel time to the sites. These cruises even include city tours. 

Large Ship Cruising

I only call this large ship cruising to differentiate it from river cruising. These are ships that sail on the major bodies of water, the most famous is the Mediterranean. The Baltics have gained enormous popularity. The ships vary in size, style, amenities and most importantly, itinerary, to ensure your needs are met. 

Independent Travel

Many travellers believe they can "do it cheaper" themselves. Did you know that independent packages exist? For example, two city packages that include your flight, transfer to your hotel, accommodations, travel between two cities, and often a one day city tour give you structure and the flexibility to tour on your own. You won't be traveling with a group.

Fly and drive packages offer you a car rental, maps (or GPS) and pre-booked accommodations. Your only job is to get yourself to the next hotel and visit wherever you like en route.

The above are only some samples of what is available in Europe. Not to mention you can always mix and match styles. One this is for sure - Europe is incredible no matter how you see it.